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Tips to become Eli Manning in Madden

We came back with the second and final part of our advice to become a better player than Eli Manning in Madden NFL 17. Remember that you must practice these tips that we have given you, that is, perform them again and again until you are a Master in this game.


To know the weaknesses and strengths of your opponent

In Madden NFL 17 you have to know the weaknesses and strengths of your opponents. How can you do it? Easy! Just look at your stats. There you can know if they do not run much, if they are good at the passes, receptions, etc.


Using Special Moves

Each player who brings the ball can make a special move when necessary. If you bring the ball, you must press the following buttons:


Speed moves: RT / R2

Power moves: LT / L2

Using these skills will deplete your player’s stamina, so just do them if it is very necessary.


Pay attention to the development of your players

You have to take into account that if one of your players is better than the others, this will cause the skills of others to fall. So do not focus on improving the skills of a single player, but think of them as a team and have them grow together.


Keep practicing

It may sound like an unusable tip, but it’s very important to keep playing. For example, you may be very good and stop playing for a month or two. When you return to play, you will see how your skills have gone down and there are better players. That’s why you should not stray away from your console and your Madden NFL 17 for more than a week.


When you play madden 17, the most important for your to enjoy games is to have enough madden 17 coins, which are the great items for you to enjoy your games.