Ecommerce is changing when it becomes crossborder

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E-commerce or Ecommerce no matter how you write it. The point is that when you do cross border sales that you have to be a ware of the VAT Treshold in every EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. The problem is that you First have to know what the treshold is in each country. I would be much easier when every country has the same treshold, but al the Member States are independent when it comes to VAT. This is their ability to fill the gap of national debts. So when a country needs more money they lower the VAT treshold. You as a company have to anticipate in this to overcome the fact that you get fines when you don’t commit you to the rules. How are you able to have control over these constant changing elements? Therefor you call your accountant, but they are very expensive. There is a more affordable Solutions this is called RM BOULANGER UK. RM Boulanger UK is an independent VAT specialist with the VAT hub in heart of Europe. Here are al the specialists concentrated in one building. For you as a customer it is very convinient because you have one contact person. Once he or she knows what your business is and where you company is heading for, then they explain this to the other specialists inside the RM Boulanger UK organisation.

Whenever you are thinking of expanding to another country it can be that you need a fiscal representative. This is also part of the RM Boulanger UK services. Once you have a local VAT number you have to do a lot of yearly, quarterly or monthly administrational work to avoid the fines. When it takes to much time for your staff, you can outsource this to RM Boulanger UK. The specialists know exactly where to go if there are any kind of questions.

Or when you are, for example,  an American company you want to import goods into Europe, then you need to have a EORI number too. So where do you have to go to apply for this number? RM Boulanger UK is able to handle the full Application proces. You only have to sign here and there as the responsable person inside your company. Because you can handle all the administrational issues with RM Boulanger UK, we actually speak about an one stop shop concept in terms of VAT in EUROPE. More information: (***)