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Cavepromotor UK delivers your UWT 1682 at your office

A Liebherr UWT 1682 ensures that our old kitchen looks modern. Our kitchen was already 11 years old and my wife made me almost crazy on a daily basis, that it was time for a new kitchen, or at least a renovation of the existing kitchen. I was already nervouswhen she went cooking, usually during the evening meal then began the discussionon the, too, old kitchen. I was not that happy with that… Lees verder »

A Liebherr WTes 1672 in your board room

A Liebherr WTes 1672 Vinidor is not just an ordinair wine cabinet. This is the smallest Liebherr detached Liebherr wine cooler. Nevertheless, this wine Cabinet offers the ability to 34 bottles wine store. It is in the world based on a Bordeaux wine cabinets–sized bottle. The WTes 1672 has two seperate wine compartments with different size which which by you can be set between 5 ° c and 18 ° c. The shelves also if the wine Cabinet is filled to… Lees verder »